I am 21 years old and I am a final year engineering student. To be brutally honest I am little weak in studies. It was my final year and my exams were approaching fast. I was extremely worried and I started falling ill often and was depressed most of the time. The fact that I used to stay in hostel just worsened the situation. I went to a physician and he suggested that I need to relax. He was strongly against me taking anti-depression tablets. He was surprised to see my BP to be 130/90. He said most of the kids are now complaining of high BP at such early ages. He suggested that I should try Yoga instead of some beta-blockers. The idea of yoga did not interest me much but I finally decided to give it a try. I finished college and without
telling anyone i set off to find a yoga centre. I could have easily joined some art of living course but I did not want my friends to find out that I was doing all this. After walking for a while I found a lamp-post on which there was a white plastic board that said Yoga in bold letters and a phone number below. That’s all. I quickly dialed it to find out the details. The phone was answered by a male voice. Hello”, I just wanted to find the details of the yoga class that you are conducting, I spoke. There was silence for some time and then the male voice told me that, He was the yoga
instructor and then he was taking these classes. He asked me my details. I told him about me and asked him the address and told him I wanted to join the early morning classes. I also asked about the strength of the class.
He replied that he is starting a class day after tomorrow and the strength was only 7 including me. I was happy to hear that I wanted to be in peace. I did not want to go to place with 600 attendees. No peace there. He told me the address and told me to come by 5 am and he hung up.

On the ‘D’ day I woke up early, took bath, brushed and got dressed in a salwar suit. It was cold at 4:30 am. So I wore a full sleeve salwar. I was against the concept of showing skin as I was bought up in a very orthodox family. But after I moved into to hostel i started wearing modern clothes.
But unnecessary exposing was not my style. I did a brisk walk to the given address. It was a 3 storied building. I looked at the watchmen. He was in deep sleep. I went and tapped on the table near him. He woke up with a start. He eyed me from head to toe. I told him that i wanted to go the yoga class. He said top floor. I went inside the building I found a lift. I could feel the stare of the watchman on my back. I ignored it.”Bastard”. What a dirty look he had given me. I reached the top floor. There was only one room in the entire 3rd floor. I slowly went inside. I found a big room carpeted and saw 6 men sitting inside, eyes closed meditating. The instructed was sitting in the front and as i cleared my throat, he opened his eyes. He gave me a smile. All the other men did not open their eyes. Probably in deep concentration. The instructed asked everyone to open their eyes and he told them that i will also be a part of their team now. All them surveyed me like that watchman. But there was no interest in their face. I was after all fully clothed and did not reveal my assets to them.

They closed their eyes again. I chose to sit in the centre of the room which at that time happened to be equip-distant from other men in the room. I was wondering whether they were asking god for an exchange of me to any other girl in this world. To describe myself, I was very fair, had a great figure. I had guys in my class checking me out every time i pass. I even overheard then commenting on my curves. But i had hated them for saying such vulgar stuff about me. The instructor introduced himself as Anish and asked me to address him a Guruji. The other attendees were old men somewhere in their late 40’s to mid 50’s. Uncles. I did not feel intimidated by them. I saw some of them eyeing me from the corner of their eyes. I just decided to concentrate on what was being thought. The class was pretty boring as it was
theory class. Guruji told us that from 2moro, we will learn all the, Asanas. Everyone got out to leave. Guruji called me and told me that 2moroi should try to wear some loose clothes as i would have to do some Asanas and it would help me better.

I asked him what do generally women wear he told me i can wear skirts or loose pants etc but it was entirely up to my interest and there was no compulsion. Skirt what the hell why should I wear skirts? I nodded and walked away nevertheless. The day at college was boring. Lectures were also boring. I was seated in the back seat and I saw Vipul and Praveen smiling wickedly. They were whispering something and laughing. At first I decided to ignore them. Then after a closer look I realized what they were up to. Reena was sitting in front of them. She was wearing a t shirt and a low waist jeans and as she was leaning forward and listening to the lecture. Her t shirt was lifted to a very high extend and there was lot of gap in her jeans. Her maroon panty was on full display to these guys and they were ogling at her backside. I wanted to immediately caution Reena who was totally
unaware of her exposed back. But suddenly something inside me stopped me from doing so. I was shocked. I observed these guys. They stared at her panty for full 45 mins non-stop till the class got over. These guys are so cheap. How can you stare at some piece of flesh non-stop for so long. Ridiculous. Yet True. What kind of pleasure do they get? I went back to my hostel room. I suddenly felt totally different. The feeling was unexplainable. There was a tingling feeling between my legs and it did not cease for a long time. Then the thought struck me. What if I expose a slightest bit in my yoga class in front of those old men, who probably would never even dream of enjoying in their old age? Their wives would also be so old. What if I could have some fun teasing these old souls?

Next day morning I woke up, I decided to ease down on my power dressing skills. I wore a salwar today also, but this had a very interesting cut towards the sides. Though it did not reveal any skin but it would be interesting if he asked me to lift my hands as the skin around my side of my stomach would be revealed. I reached the venue and found everyone already present. They all eyed me. Disappointment again. But i was smiling inside me. The Guruji asked us to do some stretching exercise first. He asked us to stretch our hands and then lift them.

Exactly what I was waiting for. I lifted my hand to the maximum extent possible. I was aware that some skin around the side of my stomach was revealed as cold air hit my bare skin. I slowly looked from the corner of my eyes and saw one old man had somehow managed to notice the lift of my salwar top and some fair skin was visible to him. Guruji also would have noticed it, cause he was now making us stay in the stretched position for considerably long time. I was feeling happy inside. After the session, I went to Guruji and asked him some doubts on different Asanas. Suddenly a small crowd gathered around us and I felt all the eyes scanning me. I said hi to everyone and left. The college was boring as usual, my mind was fully thinking about my act of little bravery today. I was thinking hard what I should be wearing tomorrow. I wanted the day to end. I woke up early next day, i was thinking hard on what to wear. I did not want to give myself away so fast. I just wanted to tease these old men. I thought of wearing something more dangerous today. A shirt and a pant. I chose a shirt with 4 buttons, the shirt had a length just a few centimeters below where my pant stated. When I reached the class it was as thought the entire class was waiting for my arrival. I went and sat exactly in the centre of the group of 6 six men. The men positioned themselves so that no one was blocked from getting a clear view of me. Oh!! This was good. I was getting to like this.
Guruji started by asking us to do some Asanas. This time we had to lie down on the floor and had to lift our legs. I was pretty sure most of them were giving me a sneak peak in case I am unknowingly revealing any skin. For first half I was very careful not to show any skin. Then when we were asked to lie flat on our stomach I slowly loosened the last two buttons of my shirt. Then we were asked to turn around, I turned around, shirt was shifted
near my navel and I was lying on the floor with my entire navel on display to the class. I acted as if I am not aware of it. I had my eyes closed but I was not sure about the others. There was pin drop silence. Guruji asked us stay in that position. Since my pant was starting near my hips my entire navel was on display. Cold wind hit my stomach. I shivered a bit. Guruji then asked us to stretch our hands further, which further lifted my shirt revealing stomach to the class. I had a pretty flat tummy and I was purposely breathing in a rhythmic manner.
Guruji after some time asked us to stand up and stretch up our hands. But I knew my limit, so when I stood up I acted as if I found out that my buttons were loose and quickly put them on to the disappointment of the entire class. Rest of the class went uneventfully. After the yoga class I reached my hostel room. The same tingling sensation between my thighs has come back. My heart was beating quite fast. That was cause of excitement and not fear. I went to the bathroom and undressed myself. I removed my panty. My vagina was dripping wet. The tingling sensation had grown uncontrollably, I inserted my finger inside the vagina and stared fingering myself. The feeling grew exponentially. I inserted one more finger and increased the speed of fingering, I automatically left out a huge moan. Never ever did I get so much pleasure from fingering myself till now. I had a shuddering
orgasm as my body trembled with pleasure as i reached the peak. I was totally exhausted by then. I sat on the bathroom tile. Half my energy was drained but it was worthwhile. College was definitely not exciting any more. I somehow wanted to fast-forward all the classes.

Next day I wanted to be bold even more. I suddenly got reminded of that incident with Reena. I wore a body tight t shirt which revealed my body structure and a loose low -waist jeans. Though wearing jeans was against the rule. Let me see who complains!!! I wore a pink panty inside. I went to the class, everyone greeted me with smile today. Great! The distance had considerably reduced between me and them as everyone wanted to sit quite closer to me. I smiled at everyone. As i sat the gap in my jeans immediately revealed my pink panty to the class.
Guruji suddenly started taking class for us standing behind us. As expected. My pink panty remained visible to the entire class all through. Since the panty was considerably big size, my butt crack was hidden. I also showed some skin of my back as the t shirt lifted. No exposing of navel today. I want to play with them. A little bit every day. Guruji asked us to come 4:15 am the next day for some reason. We all nodded. He Reached hostel, had another powerful orgasm fingering myself. It was the risk that was involved which made my orgasm so powerful. Public exposing is the scariest thing to do. I would have never even dreamt of doing something like this in my life. But I was doing this. Unbelievable. Skirt! I always wanted to wear it but I never did. Yes. I am going to wear that. Was I prepared for this? I did not know. But my heart approved the request. I searched through my luggage and found a medium length skirt and wore it. I wore a loose shirt with 5 buttons on top. A black bra and netted black panty. I had to reach early. I reached by 4:15 sharp. When I entered I heard a low murmur among the men. They were staring at my legs. Though only portion below my knee was seen, the entire group looked very satisfied.

But there was something very different today. I could feel it but i did not understand. Are they planning something? I had to wait and see. Guruji spoke. He said that he had called us early today cause he was getting complaints from the men that after so much stretching they had severe body pain as that was probably the first time they were doing so much hard work. So today he would be teaching us how to do body massage to remove such pain. I still did not understand the implications. Guruji asked me if i felt any pain. I nodded saying my back, my ribs and legs hurt when I sit in college.
It was true. After so much stretching even my body was hurting a bit. Guruji said that he would demonstrate it on someone and rest of the group can learn from him and ask someone at home to do it on them.”So who would want to volunteer?” asked Guruji. Someone from behind said that he should do on poor Smitha as she did not have a spouse to do it when she reaches her hostel.

Bloody Hell. So that was it. That was their master plan. They had caught me off-guard. Check-mate. Earlier I had confessed of the pain. I can’t back out now. Everyone nodded in agreement to the bastard who spoke first. Poor girl, we are men we can handle the pain, but the lady needed first hand massage from an expert, said someone. I was in a state of shock. I did not say anything. How cunningly did they trap me. It was a brilliant conspiracy against me. I still sat in my seat unable to move. Guruji looked at me suspiciously. If I say No then all their planning will go in vain. These old men would be praying to god to hear a yes from me. Guruji changed tactic and told me that if I did not trust him, its ok. That was another blow. I nodded my head and stood up went near him. All eyes were on me now. Guruji smiled at me with full confidence. He told me that after the massage all the pain will disappear into thin air. Guruji had already spread an extra layer of carpet near him. He asked me lie down on my back in front of him. I did as I was told. He asked everyone to come near us and watch carefully. I was lying down. He asked me to relax my body. He asked me to close my eyes. He slowly
lifted my hand and started massaging my arm by pressing it from my shoulder
till fingers. He then shifted to the other hand started massaging. After 5 mins of rubbing my hands on my bare shoulders as I wore a short sleeved shirt, he shifted his focus onto my jaws and neck. He was simultaneously explaining the importance of thyroid glands on the neck. He was now stroking below my chin to the end of my neck. He pressed some glands near my neck. He then started making long strokes from below my chin which ended now till my collarbone. He said giving long strokes was more effective than short ones. As the length of his strokes increased, his hands started hitting the top button of my shirt.
The group was asking various questions about chest pain and pain in ribs etc. My heart was beating so loudly I was afraid that Guruji might actually feel it. Guruji then asked if he could loosen my shirt at the top a little bit. I wanted to ask him how exactly did he wanted to go about doing it but I resisted. I just nodded. Getting a green signal, Guruji did the unthinkable. He simply brought his hand on my shirt button and removed the first 2 buttons of my shirt. My heart skipped 3 beats. I was shell shocked. I opened my eyes to say something.

But Guruji gave me a smile and slowly shifted my shirt to either side. My top half of the body was in clean view to everyone now. He started massaging my top part of the chest. My cleavage was in full view to the men. He slowly started pressed my chest and gave circular massage with his fingers constantly feeling my cleavage. I was actually feeling good. He then told me that he will teach me how to work on the leg. He did not button my shirt and left me in that position. He then started massaging my legs. At first he started stroking my knee downward but later he slowly lifted my skirt up with each stroke. He then told the group that thigh muscles are most susceptible to muscle pull and he will teach them how to cure them. Without my permission, he slowly raised my skirt upward. I was getting worried now. He was not stopping. He raised my skirt till my entire thigh was on display to all. With a loud clasp he caught my inner thigh and started caressing it. He was running his hand on my thighs without any pattern. He was quite aroused by now I guess.

Meanwhile my body was loving the sensation of Gurujis hand running all over my thighs. He then stopped and told the disciples about the naval massage which is the most amazing massage. Everyone was quite eager to see my navel now. I was now lying with top 2 buttons open and my skirt nearly lifted all the way to my panties. Guruji then told me that my cloth material was little thick and he should adjust it a little bit for a better massage. I nodded. Guruji immediately removed my bottom 2 buttons of my shirt and spread it apart bring my stomach in full view to the hungry old men around me. Only one lonely warrior button now held on with all its might on my shirt protecting my so called Izzat in front of them. Guruji touched my navel with bare hands very slowly , tickling me. Goosebumps appeared all over my stomach. Guruji very carefully touched every inch of my bare stomach in front of the men. He started caressing my belly button after sometime. He then asked if I could loosen the skirt.

Without waiting for my reply. He unhooked my skirt. There was only one hook. He slowly pulled it down. Guruji started playing with stomach. He gave me long strokes on my stomach which pushed my skirt further below. After couple of strokes my skirt had come down so much that my panty was becoming visible to everyone. Guruji told me then lift my hips. I slowly lifted them and
slowly pulled down the entire skirt from below my hips bringing my panty in full view. I jumped up. Guruji told me to relax and told me that he will keep the skirt near me. Saying this he started pulling my skirt fully down and pulled it out from my legs. My panty was fully wet and since it was a netted one everyone could see glimpses of my naked pussy inside. He then asked me turn around and lie down .When I turned around my ass was for free view for everyone. Guruji told me that now he will show how to give clean back massage. Since my lonely warrior button was still at war and holding on my shirt together. Guruji had to insert his hand inside the back of my shirt to give me a massage. The group then complained that they were not able to see what was happening. So guruji asked me to loosen the button in the front.
I had a reached a stage where I had become a robot doing everything as
instructed. I slowly inserted my hand and killed the warrior button. With all my buttons open guruji very strategically pulled my shirt out of my body. I was in my bra and panty in front of all the men. Guruji, started rubbing his hand on my back. He told me that the bra strap was now a hindrance. He unclipped it now I was entire bare back was being displayed to everyone. He started feeling my back with his hands. I was enjoying it by now. His hand now started feeling my butt also. He slowly adjusted my panty by pulling it down a bit till my butt crack was seen. He then started pressing my butt. There was pin drop silence again as everyone watched Guruji feel my butt with his hands. After few strokes, Guruji further pulled my panty and my butt was fully exposed to everyone. Guruji asked me to turn around. I held on to my bra and turned around. Since bra was unhooked it clung loosely on my breasts.
Some part of my panty was still covering my vagina. I closed my eyes in shame. Guruji slowly pulled down my panty and took it out of my leg. He then picked up my bra and kept it somewhere.

I was stark naked in the room now. Six eyes bore onto my naked body no one spoke anything. I had closed my eyes unable to face anyone. After what felt like eternity, I felt Guruji’s hand press my breasts , I felt a small moan. Guruji had then split my legs and was now showing my vagina closely to everyone. He slowly inserted his fingers inside my vagina. At the same time his other hand played freely with my breasts pressing it mercilessly. I closed my eyes tightly as his fingers went deeper into my love hole. He stopped and removed his finger from vagina and put it in my mouth. I licked it slowly. My vagina discharged more fluid.

I wanted to an orgasm desperately. Guruji then brought his face near my vagina and stroked his tongue on my pussy. Electricity ran inside me. There was a sense of urgency in my body now. Guruji started licking me faster and further inside my vagina. My hips clutched his face, pressing his face between my thighs. Suddenly I felt more parts of my body being caressed. Damn! The old men. They couldn’t take it anymore. Someone had put his mouth inside mine and kissing me vigorously, some were kissing and licking my breasts. Someone was kissing my stomach and belly button. All of this was happening at the same time and it was beyond control. I was being touched, kissed, licked everywhere. Guruji then inserted his fingers inside my pussy and fingering me. The feeling was above all. With the fingers finding the deepest corner inside my vagina my body started shaking with pleasure. I reached the climax as Guruji inserted 3 fingers and felt everywhere inside my vagina. I burst out into orgasm. It was a heavenly experience. I almost passed out.

Suddenly all the activities on my body stopped. I closed my eyes and drifted off to blackness. When I woke up, I was in the same place. I had slept for good 20 mins. I did not know what had happened to me in those 20 mins. But I felt wet all over my body like people had licked me all over. I was fully
naked. I sat up. Guruji gave me a smile. I smiled back. I looked at everyone. They had their eyes on my breasts and vagina, which I did not bother to cover. I stood up. I was actually feeling more horny now. Guruji came near me and kissed me on my forehead then on lips. I opened my mouth to let Guruji’s tongue find mine. He sucked my lips while his hands pressed on to my breasts. He then unzipped his pant And pulled it down along with his innerwear. I stood amazed looking at his erect penis. I bend down and smelled it. It smelled weird. He pushed his penis on to my face. I slowly licked it with my lips. I pulled back his foreskin to the maximum extent possible. I licked his organ, Guruji gave out a long moan. I started sucking his dick faster. After 15 strokes he jerked and spit out his seamen on my face and lips. I swallowed it. I was by then fully tired and late for college.

I told them that i had to leave. Everyone came near me and kissed my lips and caressed my body for saying goodbye. I reached my hostel and slept nonstop. i bunked college. I was feeling largely relaxed. I went to the doc and he checked my BP. it was 120/80. He was pleased and asked me my secret.

Yoga was my reply.