It’s a nice late evening. Raunak, my friend, is down visiting after long time .My girl friend Gautami was also at my place. It’s about 8:30 in the evening and we’re all watching TV, nothing really interesting. Raunak speaks up saying, “I’ve always wanted to go out in the sit out. You guys feel like it?” Gautami and I both look at each other and after a couple of seconds of thought, I say “Yea, lets go”. I grab Gautami’s hand and pull her up off the couch.All were having their glasses filled with whiskey again.

I suggest we keep the sit-out light off and turn off most of the inside lights keeping the sit-out area as dark as possible, we don’t want to attract attention. Gautami goes and grabs a few loose clothes while Raunak and I take off our clothes n wore loose out fits and walk into the sit-out. Gautami comes out wrapped in a kaftaan.

After a few minutes I go up to Gautami and take her into my arms, giving her a kiss, and then holding her close to me. I’m already starting to get aroused just thinking about her naked in the sit-out with Raunak and me. Raunak sitting close and I ask him “how about a Gautami sandwich?” He says sure” and comes over to us. Keeping Gautami facing towards me, I move her up against Raunak so she becomes the meat of the sandwich and Raunak and I are the bread. Raunak and I are both are 6 ft tall, I start to move Gautami slightly in an up and down motion pressing me against her body and pressing her ass against Raunak. This movement gets me hard and I assume is getting Raunak hard, also.

Shortly I say “this sandwich needs turned over” and I turn Gautami around so she faces Raunak with her ass against me. I start rubbing my now rock hard cock up and down her ass crack while making sure she is pressing against Raunak since I’m sure his cock is as hard as mine by now. Every so often one or our cocks will slide between Gautami’s legs and run the length of her pussy. This happens from both the front and the back. We keep this up for a couple of minutes, turning Gautami around every once in a while. We’re all quietly giggling and just having fun. Gautami lets out an “oh” each time one of our cocks slides thru her pussy lips.

At this point I say “how about an open faced sandwich” and lead Gautami up the steps and out of the sit-out laying her on one of the steps on her back. I motion for Raunak to go over the other side of her and suggest we see how our sandwich tastes. Kneeling down next to Gautami, I start sucking and playing with her right nipple, urging Raunak to do the same to the other one. After a couple of seconds of us sucking, Gautami arches her back pushing her breasts up, seeming to enjoy this attention. Her nipples become very hard and erect. Continuing the sucking, I lower my hand down between her legs and start rubbing her pussy. Within about a minute she becomes very juicy down there. I then take Raunak’s hand and put it on her pussy and Raunak starts to rub her and slid his finger up inside. We keep this up for a couple of minutes.

I remove Raunak’s hand from her pussy putting it on the breast that I’ve been sucking, and then go down between Gautami’s legs and start sucking on her pussy and clit. Raunak begins sucking and playing with both of her breasts. Gautami starts breathing a little deeper and while working on her pussy, I glance up to see what Raunak is doing. While he is sucking on her nipples, he takes Gautami’s hand and puts it on his cock and she starts to stroke him getting him hard as a rock, I can see that his cock is about an inch longer than mine and think how Gautami should enjoy the extra length. Raunak then moves so his cock is right up by Gautami’s mouth and he moves his cock so it slides back and forth along her lips. Gautami opens her mouth a little and takes Raunak’s cock inside, sucking and using her tongue to play with it’s head. I keep working on her pussy for a few minutes more and can feel her getting very excited and nearing a climax. Stopping the sucking I announce “I think this pussy is about ready to be fucked.

Raunak, would you do the honors.” I then move up to Gautami’s head and give her a good kiss. At the same time, Raunak positions himself between her legs and start stroking his cock against her now really wet pussy and up and down her pussy lips. Gautami slowly lifts and spreads her legs giving Raunak better access to her pussy. Seeing that Gautami doesn’t show any resistance, he enters her and starts fucking. As he starts, I suck on Gautami’s nipples for a short while, then giving her another kiss, I back off to enjoy watching what’s happening in front of me.

Raunak, in the mean time, starts fucking with a purpose. The way to describe the how Raunak fucks would best described as fast thrusts. I don’t know how he can keep up the speed the way he does. While Raunak fucks, Gautami is grunting on most every thrust. Besides the quick, hard thrusts she’s getting from Raunak, she’s also getting a longer cock than any she’s ever had before. After what seems like a couple of minutes of this, Gautami starts breathing really hard and finally lets out a quiet yell “Oh God! Oh God!” a few times. She then raises her hips up right into Raunak’s thrusts and yells “YEEESSSSS!” cumming like I’ve never seen her cum before. Raunak being the good stud, lets out a grunt and holds a big thrust buried deep in her pussy and cums, also.

They both kind of collapse after their well timed orgasms. Gautami looks over to me realizing she just fucked my friend in front of me and Raunak looks over to see how I’ll react to me watching him just fuck my girl friend Seeing them looking, I say “that looks like it was fun, I guess I get sloppy seconds”. I tell Raunak to quickly rinse off in the sit-out shower. I then instruct Gautami to turn over and get up on her knees. I position myself between her legs and start rubbing my hard cock up and down her pussy lips and up and down her ass crack. I tell Raunak to get on his knees pointing to where Gautami’s head is. I tell Gautami to go ahead and suck him She takes him into her mouth and he starts slowly pumping in and out. At the same time she has him in her mouth, I slide my cock into her really wet pussy. I can feel all the lubrication in her pussy from her just being fucked by Raunak. This extra lubrication helps keep me from cumming too quickly. I hold Gautamis hips with my hands and enjoy the sight of Raunak’s cock in her mouth.

Again, I think about how Gautami can take all his length in her mouth. I then smack her ass (not hard, just enough to get her attention) and tell her to suck him harder and make him cum. She starts thrusting up and down his cock with a regular rhythm getting quicker and quicker. I see that Raunak is really enjoying this as his cock starts getting hard again. We get a good in and out rythmn going with him holding her head and shoulders and me holding her hips and ass. As he pulls her mouth all the way up his cock, her pussy pulls away from me, then when I pull her ass back toward me so I can bury my cock, her mouth withdrawls from Raunak’s cock. We keep going like this for a couple of minutes until I see Raunak’s cock is as hard as ever again. Then catching Raunak’s eye and mouthing the words get him to let me know when he’s about to come. After another minute or so, Raunak gives me a nod and grabs Gautami’s shoulders to help her keep up the thrusting. I then pick up the speed with which I’m sliding in and out of Gautami’s wet pussy. Within a few seconds we both grab her close and cum, him in her mouth and me in her pussy. Gautami takes all of Raunak’s juice and swallows it all without spilling a drop. I assume he didn’t have a giant load since he had just cum in her pussy a few minutes ago. We then all three just relax and lie there. After a few moments, I say how great the evening was and suggest it’s time to go to bed.

Gautami and I go into the bed room, I suggest that she washes off a little and then come to bed. After giving herself a quick lower body shower she reenters the bedroom and starts to put on her panties and tee shirt (what she sleeps in). I tell her to stay undressed and she climbs into bed. I state that I thought that was a fun evening and ask what she thought. She too says she had fun and that she never thought she’d do what she just did. I told her she had made three male orgasms and only had one herself. I then said she came up short and I want to take care of her again.

I go down between her legs and start licking her pussy, letting my mouth slide up to her clit. I begin concentrating there to get her aroused. Sensing she is getting close to an orgasm (I can tell by her movements and her breathing) I leave her clit and slide down to her pussy hole and slid my tongue inside her a few times tasting a mix of everything that was left in her. I then lift her legs up higher and move down to her cute ass hole and begin using my tongue there. After a short while, I lift her ass up even higher and start to fuck her ass hole . She moans. After a good couple of minutes of ass fucking, I lower her hips and go back up to her pussy and
clit. Concentration again on her clit she gets close to cumming again. I then slide my finger into her ass hole and start moving it in and out while really working on her clit. She grabs my head with her hands, clamps the sides of my head with her thighs, and lets out a gasp while she cums for the second time tonight.

A slowly remove my self from her, kissing her body all the way up to her lips. Planting a kiss on her lips, I tell her she was really great tonight. She just gives me a soft moan and falls off to sleep.