“*Whats your name” She said “Prabha”

She has been working in my house for more than 8 months but I never noticed her nor know her name. Usually I would be out of the house before the sun rose to catch the university bus. My summer holidays had just began. My parent had gone off to work. I found this lady working in our kitchen.”Prabha are you a friend of mother” I asked her in English She said no in English and that she worked our home cleaning and cooking in morning and at afternoon. She looked very decent, petite, in her mid 30’s and educated; she hardly looked like a BHAI (maid). I sat on the kitchen table waiting for breakfast. I started talking to her. It was easy to talk to her she seemed interested in me too. When I was eating I asked her why did not she do a better job. I was shocked by her reply. She said she used work in showrooms, but owner were bastards they only wanted one thing from her. She worked as traveling sales, customer wanted one thing from her. At least working in people’s home she felt protected by ladies in the house. Everywhere she worked men only wanted to have her body. She cannot give her body to anybody as that violate her faith and that was a big sin. By now all this talk about sex, was getting me worked up. I told that girls in my office where I worked part time were no pestered by men. She agreed that working in a office was a more professional and safer place for women. I blurted that she was beautiful with good personality and that if she upgraded her appearance she too could work in office. I told her how I had mistaken her to be my mother’s friend. She smiled at my compliments. She was not sure my lift was for or I was working towards lifting her skirt. She said she lacked the necessary skills for office position. I said I could help her learn typing on my computer. I had two weeks of free time during which she could upgrade her typing skills. Still she was not sure I was trying to help or scheming to fuck her. I was trying to do both.

That afternoon when she came to make lunch, I had a surprise ready for her. It was a saree that Mum had asked me to give to my teacher some years back which I had forgotten to give. She opened the package. It was an expensive yellow saree with green flowers on them. But she refused to take it, she was sure now that I was trying to sleep with her.. I asked her not be petty about. I just wanted to see if it made her look office type, whether wearing that would help her pass the office interview. She changed quickly and came back. She looked stunning sexy. Her long hair swept past her bust. Her naked belly was fairer than yellow saree. She had tied it low. I asked her to turn around. The saree was tight around her ass bringing out the contrast between her slim waist and plumpous round ass. My cock sprang up, it looked like I was trying hide a hammer in my fly. She noticed my honest salute to her beauty, she giggled a little. She looked great and she knew that. Despite herself, she was pleased with my present. I did not press it anymore and went back to washroom (later I learned she knew from my grunts that I was masturbating and that made her very horny, she knew one day soon we will have sex, the day was sooner than she thought). Later she served me a typical Bengali lunch. Fish curry and rice. I asked her to sit and eat with me. She was beginning to open up to me. She told her story while I ate lunch. She was studying in college, when she had this love affair (Much later she told she had this sex affair with three different married men, she wanted a good fuck once a day, She found that the problem with men is that they are so easily satisfied and performance quality is no guarantee, always non consistent). Her parents fearing the worst married her off to a strange man who worked as a welder from the city. She was months away from her degree, torn apart from her man and heartbroken.

Just to lighten her up I told her my story. She was surprised to know that I had no girlfriend. This was her time to return the compliment that I was such a good looking boy and that I should have many girl friends. I asked her if she would be my girl friend then. She laughed blushed, picked up the dish’s and took them to kitchen. I followed her to kitchen. I kissed her neck. She did not say anything. I tried to kiss her lips she turned her face away. She started washing the dish’s in the sink. So I came closer and cupped her breast and gently squeezed them. She continued to wash the utensils I continued to fondle her breast. She pushed me away several times with her hips, that only aroused me even more. (What I did not know at that time was she was also getting aroused, she welcomed my attention as she liked me. She longed to hold my cock, to feel its warmth and sense of security it transferred to her, only she thought that if she did not give me proper resistance I would think she was sluttish and loose respect for her). After having done her washing she asked me to teach her typing. She pushed me away and scolded me to behave myself. I taught her typing for one hr and in between squeeze her breast. I was thinking was making her pay enough for typing tutorial by touching her and maybe violating her modesty.This became our daily routine. I found she like the way I fondled her breast and sucked at her nipples. She was amazed how attached I had grown to her breast. We had progressed both in typing and making out. She allowed me put my hands inside her blouse. Now and then accidentally her hands would brush or even pinch my hard cock. One time she twisted my cock for a few seconds thinking it was the broom handle. But no matter what I did for her, she would not agree to sleep with me or even touch my cock. That would violate her faith. However a few days before my parent came. Prabha got a good part time job nearby looking after older ladies who had come to attend a marriage. She told me that instead of morning, she would work nights. I welcomed it, thinking that I might get some pussy. I was not wrong. And when the pussy came so much of it came.That night she made mussels for dinner and I, as usual, fondled her breast while she was making it and while we were eating it. My passionate pleas for her to sleep at home as it dangerous outside at night and go early morning to work, fell on deaf ears. She was stubborn She was afraid that I might do sex. I was angry with her for figuring that out too. But as she went out she gave me a quick kiss on my lips and asked me to sleep well. I went sleep, masturbating on her, angry.Later that nigh there was a hefty knocking on the door. I was surprised who could it be so late at night. I opened the door to find two policeman holding Prabha’s arm. Her hair was disheveled and her gown blouse was torn a little showing some of her naked white breast that I loved so much. She stood there helpless I am sure the cops had roughed her up. Her eyes plead me for help, I just stood there looking at her indifferently like I did not know her, then she looked down at my crotch and her gaze strayed back to my eyes. Her eyes were now saying “help me out here now and you can do sex with me tonight”. The cops were too stupid to catch the ‘eye speak.’ One of the cop was saying she say she lives here. I immediately rescued her from the cops and hugged her. I told her to go in wash her self and go to ‘our’ bed. I asked the cops where did they find her. He told me she was sleeping under the bench in the park. They thought she was whore were going to take her to station (so that all of us could enjoy her). But she said was married and lived here. I gave them some money and shooed them away with a burned food story. They laughed and advised me to take better care of her, other wise they will. They went away.

Prabha was hiding scared behind the door. She was crying she said the elderly ladies had no space for her to sleep and instead had asked her sleep to with the men helpers. They would have raped her. She the came back here, she saw the lights were off. She did not want to disturb me so she went to sleep in the park below the building. Then the cops came. They called her a whore. One proposed sandwich sex urgently, while the other one wanted her to hurry up remove the gown, so that he can fuck her ass. Both let her go momentarily to take off their pants. She screamed and said that she was married and lived here. She had a fight with me, so she was sleeping outside. She promised that, I would give them money if they took her back to me. They said if she was lying then she must pay with sex for them and friends. She hugged me again and said thanks.Her naked breast peeping out of torn blouse was really giving me big hard on. She could see what a big one I had became. Sternly I ordered her “get naked, go to bed, no more drama ok?” I closed the lights, to my surprise she meekly said ‘Ok’ She whispered to me that she going through a fertile period I whispered back to her I had no condom. If she had wanted she could have stopped me there. But instead she put her hands on top her head and in one swoop pulled up her gown and removed her panty. She looked at me as I was still wearing my pajama albeit it had a large tent. She slapped my cock with the back of her hand. She grabbed it and twisted it a few times as if it was a broom handle. It was dark to see her facial expression. She then lay down on the bed and opened her legs wide open her feet were high up in the air. It was too dark to see more. I took off the silly pajama, she whispered to me to be gentle. We were behaving like two people indulging in a taboo act. I hoped on her. I found her hole and gently began to push to and fro slowly. She was dry but warmth surrounded me. I gave her a mighty thrust, I was lodged fully inside her. I felt like coming, I stopped pushing and kissed her. Her tongue greeted my tongue. Her tongue went inside my mouth. After some kissing I felt ok to start to and fro movement again. I held her legs and put them on my shoulders and I gripped her shoulders from below. I pushed my thighs upward thus opening her up more for deeper penetration. As I increased pace of my thrust I slowly started shifting my weight on her thighs. As result I was going far deeper inside her. My pace was long when I applied more weight on her and short to and fro pace when I lifted my weight back from her thighs. In no time she was freaking out, her nails were digging in my back. I increased the pace to faster. I knew I couldnot last. I wanted her to have the best sex of her life. I increased the downward pressure on her shoulder grip simultaneously increasing the upwards pressure from my thrust. I went faster and faster for two minutes. I took it out and came all over her thighs. I rolled back on the bed. It took us only 10 minutes but I was out of breath and she was quivering all over. I was surprised to see sweat beads on her forehead and face. She breathing deeply like me like we had run a race. But she was not done. I was just about the find out that she was very hot and had a huge hunger for sex. She climbed over me. She was small, half my size. She took my limp penis and put inside her. As she gently rocked up and down, my penis grew hard again in that hot moist hole. She began to press her valves like she was milking my penis. She brought her mouth closer to me and put her tongue inside my mouth. Her tongue messaged my tongues explored underneath my tongue. I put my hand below her ass to support her up and down movement. I ass felt soft like silk and cool. For 5 minutes she continued. I turned her and put her face in pillow and pulled her ass up towards me. I entered her gently slowly. For a long time I kept fucking her like this. She wanted me to go deep, stop, stay there and slowly recess and then enter deep. She wanted it real slow no hurry. Then I came and we slumped in each others arm and fell asleep. She said she really enjoyed it and that We must fuck like this every night. Early in the morning I felt something. I saw she was stroking my cock and sucking it. Each time she sucked on my cock it felt so good. I pretended I was sleeping. She continued to suck on it till she was satisfied with the size. She climbed on top and sat on it and stayed like that. Eventually she got a good job and I started living with her. **