I am Julius, but better known as Jules. I am 55 years old now, widower, with two kids both of whom are abroad, one in Canada, and the other in USA. I pass my time watching TV, having a leisurely drink, and just relaxing after 32 years spent in the Gulf. I also do a lot of travelling but when I am in Mumbai, I am alone except when my maids, who are sisters, come on alternate days. Miriam (now 28yrs) and Maryam (now 27yrs) are their names, good looking, but the opposites of each other – Miriam is dark skinned (36-30-38) while Maryam is very fair (42-32-44), Both had at that time just given birth to their first children about 2 months earlier. They clean, cook, and do all that is required in the house One thing I saw was that they never wore bras and at times I used to see their blouses wet around their nipples due to excess milk in their breasts. When they used to come for work, I would be in the hall and they would tell me that they had to feed their babies and I would go to my room, leaving them in the hall and as they were young, I used to let them work and then go.

This all started one day when I was unwell with high fever. I asked Miriam to make some soup and keep for me. I was in bed, covered with a thick blanket. Miriam came to the room after doing her work and I suddenly felt her warm body against mine, holding me tight, and then she put her breast into my mouth and told me to suck and I did and slowly fell asleep. When I woke she was still naked, and she brought soup and fed me. Again she lay down next to me, holding me against her, and then made me suck her breasts till I fell asleep. Towards evening she dressed and left. The next day Maryam came and I could only sense Maryam’s naked warm body against mine, and she too gave me her breasts to drink her milk, and fed me soup when I woke up and like Miriam lay next to me, giving me her breasts to suck again, till she left.

When Miriam came again, I was fine but resting. When she slipped her warm naked body into bed with me, and gave me her breasts to suck, lying next to me, my penis started to harden and she could feel it, and as I put my arms around her she said “You are okay now” but remained as she was. As my penis became erect and was between her thighs against her vagina she sighed. Now I am not big, just 7″ in length, 5″ thick when erect, but I have stamina to last at least 7-10Min’s, and if I stop (which was a technique taught to me by a Lady Doctor when I was 17 which I will tell about) I can go on for another 5-7minutes. Miriam sat across me, and taking my now erect hard penis in her hand guided me into her wet vagina and started moving up and down. I raised my head taking her breasts one by one sucked on them drinking her milk, my hands on her buttocks, her head thrown back, eyes closed,her hands on my shoulders. She rubbed her vagina against my pelvis, my penis hard inside her, and then her body became hard and her thighs clamped against my hips. I pulled her against me and rolling her onto her back, started thrusting in and out of her, my hands on her sides, listening to her moans of delight, and then she screamed as she started to come and I also came spilling my sperm into her, and she pulled me against her and I could feel her milk against my chest. After some time, Miriam rose and went and served rice, dal, papad and pickle and made me eat and she also ate. When her baby woke she fed him, with me lying in her lap and it was a wonderful sight.

After she finished, she lay against me, her wonderful warm body against mine, and I ran my hands over her body, and then started sucking on her breasts. She reached for my penis and held it in her hand, and the warmth of her hand made me grow hard. I spread her legs and entered her, and she asked me to just remain inside her for some time, and I lay on top of her. When I started stroking into her warm vagina she kept moaning till she came, emitting a loud cry. I stopped and as her body became easy started stroking in and out of her till I came, falling on top of her. We remained in an embrace for some time and then she dressed and left. The next day Maryam came, and I was in bed, and when she undressed and came to me, it was too much. Her large breasts with extended nipples, her warm body, and her wet willing vagina aroused me, and when she felt my erection she asked me if the same had happened with Miriam, and I told her it had. Like Miriam, she straddled me, and guided my erect penis into her vagina, and started riding me. I held both her beasts together and sucked on them, drinking her milk. She was rubbing her vagina against my pelvis, and when she came, she just cried out and her nails dug into my shoulders, and then she fell on top of me, clasping me tight, till her body went limp. I was still hard inside her and I pushed her onto her back and started moving in and out of her, till I came discharging into her. I fell on top of her and could feel her beautiful body against mine, my penis still inside her. When I became soft and slipped out of her, I got off her and lay next to her. She put her arms around me, and told me that she never expected this to happen, and I told her that I too did not. We slept together for some time, and then the feel of her body against mine aroused me again, and I pushed her on her back, and entered her, stroking hard, till she climaxed and I did too. After that I helped her to dress and she left.

Since then, Miriam and Maryam are my lovers, but about three months later they both told me that their husbands wanted to meet me. And I agreed. When their husbands came I was surprised to see that both were at least 20 years older than Miriam-Maryam.. I asked them what they wanted and they requested me to arrange for jobs for them in the Gulf. When I asked them about their wives, especially since they would then be away for nearly three years as they were just laborers, they said it would be okay because they knew that their wives would be happy, especially since they were working for me, which they had noticed ever since the past year. I said I would try but that I would first speak to both of them. The next day, both Miriam and Maryam came over, and when I told them what their husbands wanted, they said it would be better for them and even asked me to arrange for them get a five year contract, as they were both happy at the moment. I said I would do so, and then Maryam told Miriam to do the bedroom, while she did the cooking
I was aroused as I had both of them with me, and I went to the kitchen where Maryam was and put my hands in her blouse, but she told me to go to the bedroom and after Miriam had finished and left she would be with me. In my aroused state I went to the bedroom to see that Miriam had stripped nude, and was lying in bed. I removed my clothes and entered her wet and willing vagina, stroking hard in and out of her till she came. She held me close to her for a while because I still was hard inside her, then asked me to suck on her breasts for a while, and I did drinking her warm sweet milk. I had still not come, and she told me that she would leave, but Maryam would remain. She dressed and so did I, and she walked with me to the kitchen and told Maryam she was going.

After she left, I went to the kitchen, and told Maryam I needed her badly, and lifting up her sari, made her bend over and entered her from behind, thrusting hard into her and she came just as I started to climax. I withdrew from her and she removed her clothes, embracing me, pressing her body against mine. She had finished cooking and we went to the bedroom and lay down for a while as I sucked her breasts drinking her milk. Then she rose and left the room, coming back a little later with soup. She told me that both she and Miriam were happy that their husbands were leaving, as they would be available for me whenever I was in Mumbai, especially since they would be able to spend nights at my place, but it would never be both of them together. After the soup, she put her head in my lap, while I was having a drink, fondling and caressing her body and she was holding my penis in her hand when she suddenly took it in her mouth, sucking and licking, and the warmth of her mouth gave me an erection. I tried to remove my penis from her mouth but she held me tight, moving her mouth up and down on my penis till I discharged and she sucked me dry. She told me that it felt good and then she asked me to drink her milk which I did till I fell asleep. The next day Miriam came, and as she entered, I made her lie on the floor, and pushing her sari up, entered her, and she raised her legs clasping them
around my waist, as I thrust in and out of her, and I came along with her, falling on top of her, her legs clasped tight around my waist.

After we relaxed and undressed, she asked what happened, and I told her that I could not wait for her to undress and needed so I did what I did, and she said that she also had needed my penis inside her badly, and was glad. She undressed and prepared my food, then came to bed with me. Just the feel of her body against me was great, and as I was sucking on her breasts, my hands between her legs rubbing her vagina, she took hold of my penis rubbing it gently. As I grew hard she said “Please wait, I want to do something” and pushing onto my back, she started licking my body and when she reached my penis she took it into her mouth and started moving on it till I came. When I asked why she did it, she told me that Miriam had told her what she had done, and she wanted to experience it.

Well, I arranged for their husbands to go to my ex-company on a five year contract, with one condition that 75% of their salaries would be paid into accounts in their wives names and they left in December 2006. As the year passed and they saw their money coming in, they were very happy. It became their habit to spend nights with me, and when Miriam came, she would leave her baby with Maryam, and vice versa. They are fantastic and are still lactating, and having them with me is wonderful. But one day asked if I could arrange for their brother to go to the Gulf, and last year in October I arranged for the same. Just before he left, Miriam-Maryam asked me if they could visit their native place in Kerala as their parents had not seen their children and I said it would be okay. They told me that their sister-in-law, Aneeta, would work for me. Maryam brought Aneeta home the day they were leaving and she was a very voluptuous woman (27yrs, 40-30-40). After Aneeta left, Maryam, as usual, undressed and we lay in bed after having sex, and she said “Aneeta has been married to our brother for six years but does not have a child. I hope that she will become a mother soon” Miriam left telling me Maryam would be coming as she wanted to be with me. Maryam came an hour later, and as we lay in bed, she said “Our brother is also coming with us, and Aneeta is yours. Do not worry, all you will miss is fresh milk” That night I arranged for a taxi to take them to the station and their brother came to me and said “Look after Aneeta. She stay with you tilll I come back”

When they left Aneeta said “I know what you Miriam-Maryam are doing. Please do the same with me” I took her into the bedroom and sitting on the bed, removed her sari, and kissed the valley between her breasts and she shivered. I unbuttoned her blouse exposing beautiful round shaped breasts topped by dark hard nipples, taking them into my mouth, sucking, and at the same time pulled off her panties, exposing her vagina covered with a thick dark bush. Still sucking on her breasts I rubbed her vagina, and she moaned. She had her hands in my hair, and was pushing her vagina against my hand, I made her lie down on the bed and strippped off my clothes, and spreading her legs entered her, and she just nodded. Placing my hands on her breasts, squeezing them, I stroked in and out of her till I came and she did too falling on her. Aneeta said “I must tell you something. My husband only like men. He not touch me, and you are first man to be with me” I held her close against me, her back to me, my hands cuppibng her breasts, caressing them, and we went to sleep. When I woke, I saw Aneeta, her legs spread wide, her beautiful breasts flat but with erect nipples, and I just lay for a while admiring her body then started licking her nipples, and she moaned..softly, and as I put my hand between her outspread thighs, rubbing her vagina, she woke, reaching for my penis rubbing it till I became hard, and then I entered her just stroking in and out of her and we both came together, and I discharged myself into her and she held me close, saying “Yaa, yaa, do this every time. I like it and can feel the hot inside me” When I became soft and slipped out of her, she said “Anytime you want till Miriam-Maryam come, make love to me. I feel very nice” Again, I held her close me, my hands on her breasts, and we fell asleep. When I woke she was not in bed but I could get the smell of food, and I went to the kitchen. Her back was turned to me, as she was on her knees, her hairy vagina exposed and as I had an erection, I just shoved y erect penis into her and she gasped. After stroking in and out of her for a while, I stopped. And leaning over clasped her breasts, squeezing and pressing them, and then started stroking in and out of her again till she came and then I did too, discharging into her. We came into the the hall and I held her in my arms, telling her there was something I wanted to do and that was to shave her pussy and she said “My body is for you and you can do whatever you want” I brought a razor and shaved her pussy, and then took her wth me and we had a bath together. After lunch when we were in bed she said “I am now very happy, please whenever you can do it with me for I want to become a mother” For ten days, she never wore clothes, and we used to relax in bed,making love whenever possible. I used to go out to get provisions. She was naked in bed when her husband returned and came to our place. I told him that she was sleeping and he said “Please tell her I have come” and left. After her husband left for the Gulf, for nearly two months she stayed with me till Miriam-Maryam returned and then she left for her hometown as she was now pregnant with my child.