Its been long time since i started getting into Adult content on net. I started visiting porn sites from my first year into engineering. It was exciting to me when i started, and i have been with the same rage and urge since 10 years. I am now 28. I keep myself fit and athletic all times. I was reading many erotic stories from readers and thinking to pen down mine too. I shall , from now on write my real encounters in sequence as they exactly occured. Lets get into the story without much delay.

This happened during my Engineering Final year 3 months before my end exams. I used to stay in a rented house in a colony along with my friends. All the houses in the colony are of same plan. Our neighbours used to have a girl for doing household chores and stuff. Her name is Sudha(Real Name). She must be around 16 or 17 yrs of age. I was 21 then. She normally used to wear a pale coloured skirt running below her knees and a top, with hooks on the front. The dress shows up all her curves and a nice cleavage when she bends to sweep. Sometimes she used to wear a old white shirt( that boys wear) and a pant. I used to watch her washing the utensils and sweep their backyard from our kitchen window. when alone and if she is out in the backyard, I used to masturbate just watching her.I used to talk to her once in a while. I was getting desperate to do her and i used to ask her to come to the backyard after dark to talk to her.

After dinner, I can observe sudha from our window cleaning up the house, laying bedsheets for the neighbours, and i used to signal her to come out. She used to smile but never came. I used to go into our backyard and talk to her intentionally. our backyards are covered with mango trees and bushes and if it gets dark, no one could see us. One day, i called her to the wall and we were standing on either sides of the wall. I held her hand which she kept on the wall and was talking to her. I asked her if i can kiss her on her cheeks and she said no. After little persuasion, she accepted and i kissed. I asked her if i can kiss her lips and she said a big NO. I told her that i have seen her kissing a small baby of our other neighbours on her lips and i want to kiss her like that. After asking her again, she moved forward lifting up her face and i kissed her. That was the start and i have kissed and licked her lips many times that day. Masturbated hard thinking about that during the night. We regularly used to meet after dark for some kisses and licks.

Once we were talking and she was leaning back onto the wall and i stood on the other side circling her neck and laying my hands on her chest. I forced my right hand into her top and grabbed her left boob and was fondling it. She resisted my first attempt but it became our regular deed. i used to fondle both her boobs. I dared to jump over the wall one day. She was wearing the shirt and pant. I hugged, kissed and licked. she was standing infront of me and i lifted up her shirt and made her turn against me and fondled her boobs. Her boobs were big and the nipples are really hard. I sucked on her nipples and kissed the boobs. i tried opening the knot to her pant but could not. she removed it dropped her pant down. I saw there was no panty. It was so dark that i can only see her shape and i saw that her butt is too big. I went down kissing her navel and reached her pussy. The smell was sharp but i continued ahead to lick it with my tongue as i seen it being done in xxx movies. She was standing infront of me dropping down her pant and lifting her shirt up to her neck…and i am on my knees holding her both butts hard, sucking her pussy. We did it for a while and departed as her owners called her. It used to be our regular romance and once i tried to put in my hard cock in her pussy but it was hard. we couldnt make it. She was in
standing position and also worried little.

It was summer and sudha used to sleep on the terrace while others sleep in the house. Once when i was waiting in our living room to signal her to come out but she didnt come. I observed that she made some sounds with a stick, hitting on the terrace wall. I went on to my terrace and found her there. She told she is daily sleeping on the terrace. That night after making sure that everyone else must be asleep, around 11 pm, i jumped over their wall, slowly walked onto the other side of the house, to take the stairs to the terrace. I reached her and she was sleeping on a mat. She awoke with a shock as i touched her. She didnt expect me there.

I reached under her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. I ran my fingers on her pussy and was kissing her hard. i removed the top three hooks of her top and those lovely boobs were out. The nipples were already hard and dark brown. I could clearly see them in the far off street lights. i shifted my weight onto her slowly and have already lowered my shorts. She was breathing hard. And guys…i have to say that, she becomes very aroused and hot when i knead her tits and fondle them. She becomes really wet and juices start oozing in her pussy. I have observed some girls dont feel such aroused just by fondling their tits. I shall tell all other stories later. She was becoming hot and kissing me all over. I took her hand and guided it towards my cock but she was feeling very shy to hold it. I forced her but she was very reluctant. I didnt want to spoil the whole thing and wanted to take it slow. I shifted my weight onto her and inserted my cock between her thighs which are now getting seperated. I can feel my tip of cock brushing her pussy. She was feeling li'l worried too and was saying "what we are doing is wrong. dont do it"..i kept saying….you know me and i know you..and dont bother about other things…she was resisiting very meekly but it was not at all an effort to stop me. I said i will use a condom and i have pulled a condom onto my cock.

I was sitting between her thighs on my bent legs and was trying to insert my cock in. It was real hard trying to insert it for the first time. It took me pretty much time to adjust for a perfect position to insert it in. It slowly started sliding in as her voice turned into moans and shrill shivering gasps. She said not to do it and i kept on saying that it would be fine and slowly and very slowly i inserted my whole cock inside. That was my first time feeling my cock inside a hot pussy and it was a cherishing moment to really cherish for long long time. I found my cock tightly enclosed in her pussy and  warmth all over it. i laid on her for a while with out moving and just kissing her. Slowly i started moving my hips as she started to feel the pain again. It was a very slow start for the first few strokes and we started enjoying the pleasure. She forgot the sorroundings. I was making sure that we dont make any impact on the terrace floor as it can be easily heard downstairs. I fucked her starting slowly and increasing my pace gradually. My cock started to ache a little as i tightened my hip muscles giving the movements. She lifted up her legs bent her knees unknowingly giving me more access to speed up my movements. She was making hissing sounds and gasping to pick up her heavy breathe. And for the first time i found myself reaching climax with out self masturbating. I have loads of cum that filled the condom and those last few strokes i gave during cumming were the best. I slowed down and stopped falling off on her. We were panting hard. I kept on kissing her and boobs that were now covered with sweat. My cock started to become soft but it was still in her pussy. I was slowly moving it inside her pussy and her breathe was increasing. She gave a big gasp and tightened her inner muscles over my cock. She had few jerks in her muscles and i realised she had an orgasm. I then felt her pussy more hotter
and found juices touching my pubic hair.

We had a great time then and it was our first fuck. We got seperated and i carefully trotted back to our house. We had got few more chances after that when her owners went to "godavari pushkaralu", and sometimes when they were not at home. I had completed my Engineering and came back. Now i dont know where she is but i still relish my first fuck and whenever i do that, i find myself in trouble to control my "junior" getting hard in my underpants.

I hope you enjoyed this and i would love to receive your comments.